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Get results from publications fit to your goals and requirements. We use only a value oriented approach.
Abouts us
We are a network of PR and marketing professionals operating worldwide online. Top journalists, authors and contributors from business media such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Business Insider etc. as well as from the majority of fintech and crypto media are among our strongest connections. This has been allowing us to secure different types of publications for our clients to fulfill their specific needs on demand.

Why is PR valuable for crypto and fintech companies?

Make your brand stand out from the crowd in the industry
Highlight your trust rate and reputation
Articles in reputable media appear in google search
Get published in 3 easy steps:

Get published in 3 easy steps:

Lets us Know:
  • your target media
  • your preferable publication format
  • your content preferences
Check drafts of articles and make edits, if needed
Publication of articles after your approval
Choose your preferable PR publication format:

Choose your preferable PR publication format:

An organic article without the "Sponsored" tag. Most of the content in the article is about your company. You can always check availability of specific media sources with us.
Brand Mention
Get your company name (brand) and website mentioned in the section of an article.
Personal Quote
Let your personal opinion be seen by many in an article about your industry. It will contain your name, surname, position/role and your company.
Full Interview
Promote yourself in an interview designed by us with your preferences. We get it published in targeted media.
PR Packages
Use sets of publications pre-designed for particular goals (IEO, listing and other major announcements etc.) and budgets to reach maximum efficiency for your PR campaign.
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Who we helped:

Our Clients
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Got Published In:

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Let’s discuss your PR requirements and find a solution!

Let’s discuss your PR requirements and find a solution!

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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

What type of companies crypto PR is suited for?
All types because of highly competitive industry - NFT, Metaverse, Exchanges and ICO/IEO platforms, ICO/IEO projects, new projects.
What's the exact benefit for us to go through you instead of buying publications directly?
We specialize in conducting guaranteed organic publications. If you’ll write directly to media outlets they’ll give an option to make publications with “Sponsored” or “Press-release” tags only. 
Such articles don't attract much attention from any media audience, because people usually do not like ads. Instead, we make organic publications that look like media or journalists decided to make an article about your project themselves.
How do you make organic articles without the “Sponsored” tag?
Many publishers in our network work directly for specific media that is why we can order this type of dedicated articles with them.
Do you write articles yourself or do we have to write them?
We are responsible for writing an article except cases you would like to provide your prepared article or a press-release for publishing.
Can I see examples of the articles that you prepared?
Yes, contact us with the request and we will send you the list with examples.
How can I pay?
We usually accept crypto as a payment - USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH or BTC.
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